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Bietak, Manfred#

Bietak, Manfred, b. Vienna, Oct. 6, 1940, archaeologist. Studied in Vienna; 1961-1965 participated in the UNESCO campaign to save Nubian antiquities in Sayala, from 1965 campaign director; 1966-1969 and since 1975 head of the University of Vienna excavations in Tell el-Dab´a, 1969-1978 head of excavations in western Thebes. 1966-1981 secretary and scientific advisor at the Austrian Embassy in Cairo; from 1973 Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Cairo. Since 1986 Chairman of the Department of Egyptology at the University of Vienna. Identified Avaris, the capital of Hyksos, as well as the city of Ramses, where he discovered a palace with Minoan wall paintings.


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