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Binder, Markus#

Binder, Markus, b. Enns (Upper Austria), April 9, 1963, musician, producer. From 1983 programme organiser of the cultural association Stadtwerkstatt in Linz as well as performing artist; 1987 double bass player in the folk music duo Fritz & Fritz; 1989 established the group "Urfahraner Durchbruch"; 1991 established the groups "Attwenger" and "die goas" with H. P. Falkner. Attwenger is considered one of the most innovative bands in Austria, combining folk music with punk rock, hip hop and drum & bass. Collaboration with other artists, including E. Jandl.


Records and CDs: most, 1991; pflug, 1992; luft, 1993; song, 1997; ring, 2001. - Film: attwengerfilm, 1995.