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Birkfeld, Styria, market town in the district of Weiz, alt. 623 m, pop. 1,688, area 4.26 km2, situated in the Upper Feistritz valley. - District court, district commission, Regional Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, local branch of the regional health insurance institution, BORG (separate upper-level academic secondary school), school of domestic science; production of tools, textiles and animal food, some trade. - Fortified parish church (first documented mention in 1295), renovated from 1709-1715 by R. Horner; Gothic tower from the former fortification; Gothic charnel house, now a chapel; Birkenstein Castle (built around 1555 from of a number of town houses); gallows (17th century); Ringhof farms, with a ring-like arrangement of building and open fireplaces.


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