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Bischof, Rainer#

b. Vienna, June 20, 1947, composer. Studied with H.E. Apostel and thus remains committed to the tradition of the Wiener Schule ( Dodecaphony), placing emphasis in his compositions on both formal stringency and expressiveness. 1984-86 president of the Austrian Komponistenbund, since 1988 Secretary-General of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.


Orchestral works: Orchesterstuecke (Pieces for Orchestra) op. 10 (1978); flute concerto, 1979; double concerto for violin, violoncello and orchestra, 1980; organ concerto, 1985; Largo desolato for strings, 1985; "Stracci II", 1992 chamber symphony). - Chamber opera: Das Donauergeschenk, 1990. - Vocal and chamber music.