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Blöchl, Johann#

b. Siegelsdorf (municipality of Lasberg, Upper Austria), July 12, 1895, d. Siegelsdorf, April 4, 1987, farmer and politician (Christian Social Party; Fatherland Front; Austrian People's Party, OeVP). 1931-1934 member of the Nationalrat. After contacts with resistance groups, arrested for treason and imprisoned 1941-1943. 1955 state representative of the Muehlviertel (administrative region of Upper Austria), 1945-1966 Member of the Upper Austrian Landtag (provincial diet),1945-1955 Landesrat (member of the provincial government) of Upper Austria, 1955-1966 deputy Landeshauptmann (deputy governor) of Upper Austria.


Meine Lebenserinnerungen, 21980.