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Bleiberger Bergwerks-Union, BBU#

Bleiberger Bergwerks-Union, BBU, founded in 1867 by a merger of six large and 80 small mines in the Bleiberg mountain (Carinthia) under the leadership of P. Muehlbacher. After the acquisition of further mines in Middle and Lower Carinthia and of the lead ore mines and the white lead factory belonging to V. v. Rainer (1893), a severe competitor, and the takeover of the two white lead factories of Freiherr von Herbert, the company expanded rapidly. During World War II, the Preussag company became the majority shareholder; in 1946, under the First Nationalisation Act (1. Verstaatlichungsgesetz) the BBU became property of the Republic of Austria Nationalised Industry. In 1970, the BBU came under the control of the OeIAG (Oesterreichische Industrie-Holding AG). Production was discontinued in 1993 because of unprofitability; due to environmental damage, the buildings and the lead-infested ground had to be removed.