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Blumauer, Aloys auch A. Obermayer#

b. Steyr (Upper Austria), Dec. 22, 1755, d. Vienna, March 16, 1798, writer. After 1780 employee at the Court Library; from 1781 published the "Wiener Musen-Almanach" together with J. F. von Ratschky then 1793/1794 alone; 1782-1784 editor of the "Realzeitung", most important author during the Enlightenment under Emperor Joseph II, 1784-1786 editor of the "Journal fuer Freymaurer", 1787 in Berlin and Weimar, 1794 persecuted as a Jacobin; wrote mainly satirical poems about events of the time, anti-clerical poems, travesties and masonic poems.


Beobachtungen ueber Oe. Aufklaerung und Litteratur, 1782; Die Abentheuer des frommen Helden Aeneas, 1786. - Edition: Saemmtliche Werke, 9 vols.,1809.


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