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Bock, Fritz#

b. Vienna, Feb. 26, 1911, d. Vienna, Dec. 12, 1993, certified public accountant and politician (Austrian People's Party, OeVP). 1935-1938 leading member of the "Vaterlaendische Front" (Fatherland Front). 1938/1939 Dachau concentration camp, worked to help those persecuted for political beliefs after 1945. 1945 co-founder of the Austrian People's Party, 1947-1953 general secretary of the Workers' and Employees' Federation (OeAAB), 1949-1953 and 1956-1962 member of the Nationalrat, 1952-1955 state secretary in the Federal Ministry for Trade and Reconstruction, 1956-1968 Minister of Commerce, 1966-1968 Vice-Chancellor, 1969-1989 president of the board of directors of the Creditanstalt bank. Supported the coalition of Socialists (SPOe) and Christian Democrats (OeVP), the social partnership and Austria's economic integration into Europe.


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