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Boeckl, Herbert#

b. Klagenfurt (Carinthia), June 3, 1894, d. Vienna, Jan. 20, 1966, painter, self-taught, after 1935 taught at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, teacher of major Austrian painters. In his early work developed an independent and strongly expressive style by applying paint thickly; in his middle period he characteristically gave different colours specific functions in his dealings with figurative themes and landscapes. B.'s painting after 1945 was an autonomous answer to international abstract painting; in this later phase the results of B.'s long-standing interest in Cezanne's work also became obvious. Austrian State Prize 1934, Austrian Decoration for Science and Art 1964.


Oil paintings: Liegender Akt, 1919; Gruppe am Waldrand, 1920; Grosse sizilian. Landschaft, 1924; Die Anatomie, 1931; Erzberg I, 1942; Das Leben des hl. Joseph von Copertino, 1950-1958. - After 1945 abstract aquarelles (Metamorphose, 1945). - Religious frescoes in Maria Saal, 1925; Mogersdorf altar, triptych, 1934-1945; frescoes in the chapel of Seckau, 1952-1960. - Tapestries in the Wiener Stadthalle, 1957 and in the Salzburg Festspielhaus, 1959.


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