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Brand, Max#

Brand, Max, b. Lvív, Ukraine (then Lemberg), April 26, 1896, d. Langenzersdorf (Lower Austria), April 5, 1980, composer. Studied composition with F. Schreker in Vienna; concentrated on modern opera ("Der Maschinist Hopkins", 1929). 1937 emigrated to Switzerland via Prague; 1939 emigrated to New York via Brazil; became an American citizen in 1946. From 1959 focused increasingly on electronic music; Robert Moog built B. a prototype of the synthesiser for which he later became famous. B. returned to Austria in 1975; he destroyed most of his manuscripts and tapes shortly before his death.

Other works: Notturno brasileiro, 1959; Die Astronauten, 1962; Ilian 4, 1974.