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Brassicanus, Johannes Ludwig#

b. Tuebingen (Germany), 1509, d. Vienna, June 3, 1549, humanist, Neo-Latin poet; brother of Johannes Alexander Brassicanus, with whom he came to Vienna in 1524. 1537 professor of the pandects, 1538 professor of canon law at the University of Vienna, 1548 councillor of Queen Maria of Hungary; like his brother wrote occasional poems for the Habsburgs, for example a triumphal song about the victory of Karl V over the Schmalkaldic League (Paean lyricus de victoria Caroli Augusti, in: Delitiae Poetarum Germanorum, vol. 1, 1612).

Further works#

Phoenix sive luctus Austriae ob mortem incomparabilis heroinae d. Anna (Oe) reginae, 1547 (mourning poem).


H. Wiegand, Hodoeporica, 1984.