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Bregenzerach River, Vorarlberg, mountain stream with a length of 65 km in the Bregenz Forest with sources south of the municipality of Schroecken and a catchment area of 830 km2 (of which 212 m lie in the Bavarian region of Allgaeu). From 1951 to 1989 the average rate of flow (town boundary of Bregenz) was on average 46 m3/sec. Particularly in its upper reaches the Bregenzerach is a relatively pure river. The river forms numerous steep narrow valleys; in a deep valley it flows from the Hochtannberg mountain to the Vorderwald (part of the Bregenz Forest); in the lower reaches it forms the southern and western boundary of Bregenz and flows near the monastery of Mehrerau into Constance, Lake, where every year tens of thousands of cubic metres of coarse gravel are washed ashore which have formed a promontory in Bregenz Bay.