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Brenner, italienisch Brennero#

Brenner Pass, Italian name: Brennero, alt. 1,371 m, since 1919 pass on the Austrian (Tyrol)-Italian (South Tyrol) border, lowest pass across the eastern Alps, open throughout the year. Most important transport link between Germany and Italy, which runs from the Inn valley up the Wipp valley via the watershed between the Adriatic and Black seas to the South Tyrolean Etsch (Adige) valley. In the Middle Ages the Brenner Pass was the most important pass between the northern and the southern parts of the German Empire. The Brenner railway (leading from Innsbruck to Bozen; first use of loop tunnels, electrified in1928) was completed in 1868. The Brenner motorway was finished in 1974 and is an important link in the Austrian Transalpine Roads, which have been administered by Alpen Strassen AG (ASG) since 1993. In 1991 the Brenner Pass was used by 27,000 motor vehicles per day, including 5,000 lorries and in 1999 by an average of 37,221 vehicles, of which 6,028 were lorries or buses.

Lake Brennersee is situated on the Austrian side of the pass. It was on the Brenner Pass that D. Dolomieu discovered the mineral dolomite named after him in 1789.