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Breu Preu, Jörg der Ältere#

b. Augsburg (Germany), around 1475, d. Augsburg (Germany), 1536, painter, graphic artist and illuminator. Master of the Danube School; on his travels stayed in the Danube area for a considerable period and was influenced by R. Frueauf the Elder, worked in a painter's studio in Krems around 1500; around this time he painted the Bernhardi altar at Zwettl (1500), the high altar of the Carthusian church in Aggsbach (1501, parts of which are now in Herzogenburg Abbey and in the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg), and the high altar in Melk (1502, now in the collections in Melk Monastery). After 1502 painter in Augsburg, around 1515 trip to Italy and 1522 short stay in Strasbourg.


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