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Breuner, Hochadelsgeschlecht#

Breuner, Austrian noble family from Styria, 15th-19th century. The founders, Conrad and Andreas B., came to Styria from Utrecht or Cologne in 1385, they and their families were knights. The Styrian line of the family was given the title of count in 1666 and died out in 1827. Philipp B. (d. April 23, 1556)), president of the Court Chamber and baron since 1550, founded the Austrian lines. His son Seyfried was Governor of Lower Austria from 1587-1591, and his wife inherited the estates of the Eyczing family. An older line of the family at Asparn (received the title of count in 1624) died out in 1716, the younger line at Asparn in 1894, the Nussdorf line in 1862. Bishop Philipp Friedrich Breuner is related to the younger Asparn line.


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