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Brezinka, Wolfgang#

Brezinka, Wolfgang, b. Berlin, Germany, June 9, 1928, educationist. Habilitated in 1954 at the University of Innsbruck, since then resident in Tirol, taught at the universities of Wuerzburg (Germany), Innsbruck (1960-67) and Konstanz, Germany (1967-96); advocates an empirical analytical approach to academic studies. His writings, in particular those on the pedagogical approach of the New Left and on the current crisis of education in the context of disorientation and the loss of values, enjoy world-wide recognition and have been translated into 15 languages. Considered one of the leading educational theorists of our time.


Erziehung als Lebenshilfe, 1957; Erziehung - Kunst des Moeglichen, 1960; Von der Paedagogik zur Erziehungswississenschaft, 1971; Die Paedagogik der Neuen Linken, 1972; Grundbegriffe der Erziehungswissenschaft, 1974; Erziehung in einer wertunsicheren Gesellschaft, 1986; Paedagogik in Oe., vol. 1, 2000. - Edition: Gesammelte Schriften (Collected writings), 1988ff.


S. Uhl, Walter Brezinka - 50 Jahre erlebte Paedagogik, 1997.