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Brunn am Gebirge#

Brunn am Gebirge, Lower Austria, market town in the district of Moedling, alt. 221 m, pop. 8,573, area 7.26 km2, situated on the fringe of the southern Vienna Woods between Vienna and Moedling. - Monastery and congregation of the School Sisters, girls' boarding house, golf course, museum of local history and culture with a memorial to R. Steiner; army clothing institution; hotel for seminars; around 63 % of all employed people work in the service sector; expanding trade; numerous production firms: glass industry, zinc coating, production of insulating material, lattice, pumps, plastic, paper, candles, fine-mechanical devices and gingerbread; machine tools, electric machines, concrete works, furniture factory; viticulture. - Neolithic settlement (6000 B.C.); Roman grave portrait (woman in Noric-Pannonian costume, around 100 AC; only example of a painted grave portrait in Austria, exhibited in the museum of local history and culture); late Gothic pilgrimage church (15th -16th century) with tracery windows and Baroque altar (17th century), church re-Gothicised.


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