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Bundes-Sportorganisation, Österreichische, BSO#

Bundes-Sportorganisation, Oesterreichische, BSO (Austrian Sports Federation); founded in 1969; not subject to any government influence; represents the interests of Austrian sports associations and sports clubs; consists (figures from 2000) of 3 umbrella organisations ( ASKOe, Allgemeiner Sportverband Oesterreichs , Oesterreichische Turn- und Sportunion ) (2000), 53 specialised sports associations, the Oesterreichischer Behindertensportverband (Austrian Paralympic Committee) and associations with special membership status, such as the Austrian Olympic Committee). The Austrian Sports Federation protects Austrian interests in the field of sports both at home and abroad.


Oe.-Sport (5 times per year), Der oesterreichische Sport-Terminkalender, Das oesterreichische Sportjahrbuch.