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Bundesdenkmalamt (Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments). The Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments consists of the executive committee (president, general curator, director of architecture), 9 provincial curators' offices in the various provincial capitals (the curators' offices of Lower Austria and Burgenland have their seat in Vienna); it has separate departments for ground-based monuments, for technical monuments and safety engineering, for acoustic monuments, for architecture, for technical construction matters and photogrammetry, for issues of art exports, for monument research (formerly the Institute for Austrian Art Research), for the restoration and preservation of monuments (formerly with workshops in the Arsenal complex), for legal matters and for museums and libraries. The Office edits the "Oesterreichische Kunsttopographie" and the Dehio manuals (named after the German art historian Georg Dehio) and publishes the "Zeitschrift fuer Denkmalpflege".