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Bundesmobiliensammlung (Federal Collection of Movables), part of the Federal Administration of Movables (Bundesmobilienverwaltung), which is subordinate to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs. It is in charge of the historical equipment of all imperial palaces and residences (including cutlery and tableware) belonging to the Republic of Austria. This equipment is sometimes used to furnish diplomatic residences, in Schoenbrunn Palace, for the Hofburg Palace at Innsbruck, and Ambras Castle (Tirol). The management of the Imperial Hofmobiliendepot (Imperial Court Depot of Movables) was transferred to the firm Schloss Schoenbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges. m. b. H. in 1998, and that of the Hofsilber- und Tafelkammer (Chamber of Court Silver and Tableware) to the same firm in 1996.