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Bundesverlag, Österreichischer, ÖBV#

Oesterreichischer Bundesverlag (OeBV), Vienna; publisher of Austrian schoolbooks; founded by Maria Theresia in 1772; has been run as a limited liability company since 1979; as a holding company since 1993. The OeBV Paedagogischer Verlag was an independent company from 1933 and merged with the following two publishing houses in 1998: Hoelder-Pichler-Tempsky and Oesterreichischer Gewerbeverlag (Vienna, founded 1946 by E. Strauss, part of OeBV from 1983) to form oebv&hpt Verlagsges m. b. H. & Co. KG. Other branches of the OeBV are the Oesterreichisches Buchzentrum (OeBZ) Buchauslieferungsges. m. b. H. & Co. KG located at Wiener Neudorf, the OeBV Handelsges. m. b. H. (books and school books), Franz Deuticke Verlag Ges. m. b. H., Vienna (founded by F. Deuticke in 1878; taken over by the OeBV in 1980); the Oesterreichischer Gewerbeverlag, Vienna (founded by E. Strauss in 1946; taken over by the OeBV in 1983); the Perlenreihe (founded in 1950 by A. Pechan, taken over by Deuticke in 1970), the Residenz Verlag Ges. m. b. H., Salzburg (founded by W. Schaffler in 1956; taken over by the OeBV in 1984) and the Christian Brandstaetter Verlag Ges. m. b. H., Vienna (founded by C. Brandstaetter in 1982; taken over by the OeBV in 1991). The OeBV also has a 50 % share in the Kinderbuchverlag J. F. Schreiber (publisher of children´s books), Esslingen and Vienna and a 40% share in the publishers C. J. Bucher Verlag, Munich.