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Federal Research Institutes (Bundesversuchsanstalten): the first Federal Research Institute for paper testing was founded by W. Exner in 1866. The Technological Grammar School (Technologisches Gewerbemuseum), founded in 1879 by Exner, has become one of the most important testing centres, comprising as many as 10 research institutes in 1995. Whereas the Academy of Forestry of Mariabrunn, founded in 1866, was integrated into the University of Agricultural Sciences in 1875, the Federal Research Institute of Forestry in Hadersdorf-Weidlingau remained an independent institute. Since 1950, a number of Federal Research Institutes have been part of the Arsenal. The Arsenal Federal Research and Testing Centre comprises an Institute of Electrical Engineering, an Institute of Geotechnology, and an Institute of Mechanical Engineering. Other Federal Research Institutes are integrated into higher education establishments and into the Technischer Ueberwachungsverein (Engineering Control Association) in Vienna, an institution responsible for testing the safety of technical installations and vehicles.


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