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Burgklechner, Matthias der Jüngere#

b. Innsbruck (Tyrol), 1573, d. Innsbruck (Tyrol), 1642, regimental councillor, vice chancellor and president of the chamber of Tyrol, as a cartographer he made a woodcut map of the earldom of Tyrol (1611) and in 1629 12 further copper engravings (1 : 160,000). The "Tyrolean Eagle", a richly illustrated history and description of Tyrol in 12 volumes was not allowed to be printed and has been preserved only in manuscript form. It was the basis for the second part of the work "Des tirolischen Adlers Immergruenendes Ehrenkraenzel" (1678) by Count F. A. Brandis B. was the founder of Tyrolean historiography, built churches and founded schools.


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