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Burgschleinitz-Kuehnring, Lower Austria, market town in the district of Horn, alt. 376 m, pop. 1,313, area 41.85 km2; situated south of Eggenburg on the eastern edge of the Waldviertel region. - Burgschleinitz castle, three-winged complex built around 1589; Romanesque parish church in the centre, with Baroque decorations from 1728; frescoes and round charnel house dating from the 15th century. Ruin of Kuehnring castle (former seat of the Kuenring family), with Romanesque chapel which was altered in 1594 and 1660 and which now serves as parish church of Kuehnring; round charnel house dating from the 14th century. The moated castle of Harmannsdorf was built around a medieval tower in the 16th century and enlarged around 1866; park attached to the castle laid out in 1760.


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