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Burnacini, Lodovico Ottavio Freiherr von#

b. Mantua (Italy) (?), 1636, d. Vienna, Dec. 12, 1707, Italian theatre architect and set designer, succeeded his father Giovanni Burnacini as set designer at the Imperial Court in Vienna; not only did he design decorations, stage machines and costumes for all theatre performances at court for almost 50 years, he was also the favourite architect of Emperor Leopold I; B. constructed one wing of the Imperial Palace, renovated the Favorita and created 1666-1668 the Theater auf der Cortina in the location of the future court library, 1676/77 altered parts of Laxenburg castle, 1683 directed the reconstruction of Ebersdorf castle, 1687 designed the "Plague Column" on "Graben" square in Vienna and designed several monuments; his figurines and sketches are now in the Austrian Theatre Museum in Vienna.


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