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Burt, Francis#

Burt, Francis, b. London (Great Britain), April 28, 1926, composer. From 1948 studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London and at the Musikhochschule Berlin. Has lived in Vienna since 1956; 1973-1992 professor of composition at the Vienna Musikhochschule (now University of Music and Performing Arts), 1989-1991 head of its department of electroacoustics; 1987 organiser of the first "Lange Nacht der neuen Klaenge" ("Long Night of New Sounds") at the Vienna Konzerthaus. At first mainly interested in the elements of gesture and dance in music; later increasing interest in polyphonically conceived sound structures.


String Quartet, 1953; The Skull, 1956 (cantata); Volpone oder Der Fuchs, 1960 (opera); Der Golem, 1965 (ballet); Barnstable oder Jemand auf dem Dachboden, 1969 (opera); Unter der blanken Hacke des Monds, 1976 (baritone, orchestra); Und GOtt der HErr sprach, 1984 (voices, orchestra); Fuer AlFrED SCHlEE, 1991 (string quartet); Blind Visions, 1995 (oboe, small orchestra).