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Canisius, Petrus eigentlich Kanijs oder Kanis, Heiliger#

b. Nijmwegen (Netherlands), May 8, 1521, d. Fribourg (Switzerland), Dec. 21, 1597, prominent Jesuit and theologian. Repressed Protestantism in the area now called Austria. University professor, Court preacher in Vienna and Innsbruck, Provincial. Established important guidelines for the Catholic faith: the larger catechism (Catechismus maior, 1555), the small catechism (Cat. minimus, 1556) and the smaller catechism (Cat. minor, 1558) which were published throughout the German speaking area in more than 200 editions during his lifetime. Was canonised and declared a Doctor of the Church in 1925.

The C. foundation supports the training for the priesthood (Interdiocesan Seminary in Horn).


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