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Capistran Capestranus, Johannes von, Heiliger#

b. Capestrano (Italy), June 24, 1386, d. Ujlak-Ilok near Belgrade (Yugoslavia), Oct. 23, 1456; Franciscan monk, itinerant preacher. Came to Vienna in 1451, where he founded the first monastery of the Franciscans in Austria near St. Theobald auf der Laimgrube; participated in the Christianisation of the Hussites in Moravia; 1454 in Vienna, preached in favour of a crusade against the Turks; canonised in 1690. In 1430 the wooden "C. pulpit" was placed in "Stephansfreithof", the graveyard by St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna but in 1752 a stone replica was made and moved into the corner of the North choir of the cathedral.


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