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Cech, Christoph#

Cech, Christoph, b. Vienna, June 29, 1960, composer. 1967-1983 studied at the Vienna Conservatory; since 1977 has co-founded, composed for and played the piano in a number of jazz and chamber music ensembles (e.g. Nouvelle Cuisine, Jubilo Elf, Striped Roses, Camerata obscura, Janus Ensemble Wien). Since 1990 greater focus on classical composing; since 1999 head of the Department of Jazz and Popular Music at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz.


Die F. F. Company und Co. KG, 1987 (jazz fairy tale); Die Befreiung des Modulors, 1988 (chamber opera); Barock it, 1992 (cycle); Leos, 1994 (violin, clarinet, piano, keyboard, percussion); Aus allen Blueten Bitternis, 1996 (opera); Nachtklang - Nachklang, 2000 (cello concerto).