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Cerha, Friedrich#

b. Vienna, Feb. 17, 1926, composer and conductor; together with K. Schwertsik founded the music group "die reihe" in 1958, which became one of the most important representatives of avant-garde music in Austria, C. composed mainly orchestral works and operas, many of which were commissioned; recipient of the Grand Austrian State Prize in 1986 as well as other honours and awards.


Spiegel I-VII, 1960-1972. - Operas: Baal, 1974/81; Der Rattenfaenger, 1987; completion of A. Bergs "Lulu", 1962-1978. - Requiem fuer Hollensteiner, 1982/83; Baal-Gesaenge, 1983; "Keintaten", 1983ff. - Numerous writings.