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Christliche Gewerkschaften#

Christian Trade Unions: Trade unions which originated in the last decade of the 19th century within the Christian Socialist Movement, forming a State Commission in 1906 and a Central Commission in 1909. In 1913 they had 37,000 members (10 % compared to the Social Democratic trade unions). After World War I their power increased as a consequence of changing political circumstances (1932: 100,606 members). Among their members were especially civil servants, white-collar employees, agricultural workers, domestic servants, doormen and workers in small-sized enterprises. In industry they only had supporters among tobacco and textile workers. Among the members of the Christian trade unions the proportion of women was higher than among those of the independent trade unions (1920: 50 % to 23,9 %; 1932: 31,6 % to 22,1 %). In the period 1934-1938 the Christian Trade Unions made up the core of the Federation of Trade Unions.


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