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Cizek, Franz#

b. Litoměřice, Czech Republic (then Leitmeritz), June 12, 1865, d. Vienna, Dec. 17, 1946, painter and art educationalist. Was the first to encourage the free development of spontaneous artistic activity in children in his school of painting and drawing. 1897 his school was recognized by the state and 1906 integrated into the School of Arts and Crafts as an experimental school (he was appointed teacher), from 1910 as a separate "Children's Art Class". C. strongly influenced the development of art education and won strong support especially in England and the USA. Founded the association "Kunst und Schule" (Art and School) and a magazine of the same name that was integrated into the magazine "Die Quelle" in 1922.


Papier-, Schneide- und Klebearbeiten, 1914; Weihnacht, 1922; Triebhaft bildendes Schaffen der Jugend (posthumous).


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