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Claudia von Medici#

b. Florence (Italy), June 4, 1604, d. Innsbruck (Tyrol), Dec. 25, 1648, Archduchess of Austria, Princess of Tyrol (1632), daughter of the Grand Duke Ferdinand I of Tuscany, 1626 married Archduke Leopold V (d. 1632); 1632-1646 reigned with a group of five councillors (including W. Biener) instead of her son Ferdinand Karl (b. 1628), who was still a minor. C. built "Porta Claudia" Fortress in the Scharnitz ravine near the Bavarian border (blown up in 1805) and strongly promoted the arts (introduced baroque theatre), trade (reorganized Bozen/Bolzano Fair in 1635) and crafts in Tyrol.


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