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Clusius, Carolus Charles de lòEcluse#

b. Arras (France), Feb. 18, 1526, d. Leyden (Netherlands), April 4, 1609, botanist; as the court botanist of Emperor Maximilian II in Vienna cultivated a garden with medicinal herbs and the first "Alpinum" (alpine garden). Taught at Leyden in 1593; author of the first book on Austrian botany. His works on Austrian and Hungarian flora were considered standard works for more than 100 years. He introduced the horse chestnut (1576), the tulip and the potato (1588) to Vienna and made the town a centre of floriculture. His botanical studies in the Austrian Alps (esp. around the Oetscher and Schneeberg mountains) made C. the first researcher of alpine flora.

Work: Historia stirpium rariorum per Pannoniam, Austriam Oe observatorum, 1583.


F. W. T. Hunger, C. de l´Ecluse, 2 vols., 1927-1943; Festschrift on the 400th anniversary of scientific research by C.C. in the Pannonian area, 1973; J. Theunisz, C. C., 1993 (with bibliography).