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Duernrohr, Lower Austria, cadastral district of the market town of Zwentendorf an der Donau in the district of Tulln, west of the River Perschling at the edge of the Tullnerfeld plain. - Thermal power station Duernrohr: block no. 1 (Verbundkraft Elektrizitaetswerke Ges. m. b. H., built 1986, 405 MW), block no. 2 (EVN, built 1986, 352 MW), coal- and gas-powered. This location was chosen on account of the infrastructure provided by the nuclear power station of Zwentendorf (which was never put into service), the availability of the grounds of the former Moosbierbaum refinery, its proximity to the River Danube (cooling water), the Duernrohr transformer station and the railway tracks necessary for the supply of coal.