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Da Ponte, Lorenzo eigentlich Emanuele Conegliano#

b. Ceneda, Vittorio Veneto (Italy), March 10, 1749, d. New York (USA), Aug. 17, 1838, poet and librettist. In 1779 forced to leave Venetia; in 1781 travelled via Dresden (acquaintance with C. Mazzola) to Vienna, where he won the favour of Joseph II and collaborated with A. Salieri, J. Martin y Soler and later W. A. Mozart; in 1791 dismissed by Leopold II; travelled to London via Paris; in 1805 followed his wife to New York, where he wrote his memoirs.


46 librettos, e.g. Le nozze di Figaro, Così fan tutte, Don Giovanni (Mozart); Una cosa rara (Martin y Soler); Axur, La cifra, Il pastor fido (Salieri).


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