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Steam Tram: 1883 Krauss & Co. opened a service from Hietzing to Perchtoldsdorf in Vienna, 1886 from Gaudenzdorf to Hietzing, from Stephaniebruecke bridge (today Salztorbruecke bridge) to Stammersdorf and Gross-Enzersdorf, 1887 from Perchtoldsdorf to Moedling and from Hietzing to Ober-St.-Veit. In 1907 the Municipality of Vienna took over these lines, including them in the urban network, and electrified most of them between 1908-1912, the services from Mauer to Moedling and from Kagran to Gross-Enzersdorf were not electrified until 1921/22. - Additionally, the New Vienna Tramway Society (a horse streetcar company) set up three routes 1884-1886. The tram from Gaudenzdorf to Wiener Neudorf, electrified in 1907, developed into the suburban railway from Vienna to Baden.

Apart from Vienna, suburban steam trams were also established in Salzburg (1886-1909) and Innsbruck (1891-1936).


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