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Deininger, Wunibald#

Deininger, Wunibald, b. Vienna, March 5, 1879, d. Salzburg, Aug. 28, 1963. Architect, son of architect Julius D.; important representative of the Otto Wagner school (1899-1902 studied under O. Wagner at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna). One of Salzburg's leading architects between World War I and World War II.


in collaboration with his father: Neue Wr. Handelsakad., 1906-1908; Staatsgewerbeschule chem.-techn. Richtung in Vienna, 1906-1916. - Residential and commercial buildings in Salzburg: Hirschenwiese apartment buildings, 1920-1922; 1923-1927 building for the publishers R. Kiesel; Sanatorium Wehrle, 1926, 1931; Haus D., 1926/27.


S. Greger, W. D., doctoral thesis, Salzburg 1989.