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Deix, Manfred#

b. Boeheimkirchen (Lower Austria), Feb. 22, 1949. Caricaturist. 1965-1968 studied at the Vienna School of Graphic Arts and 1968-1975 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna; first published in 1972 in the magazines "profil", "trend" and "economy", since 1977 covers and drawings for "Stern", "Spiegel", "Playboy" and others; since 1990 major exhibitions, e.g. in Paris, Tokyo and New York.


Theatre set for B. Brecht's "Arturo Ui" at the Akademietheater in Vienna, 1987. - Books: Cartoons von M. D., 1980; Cartoons de luxe, 1983; Satiren aus Vienna, 1985; D. - Mein Tagebuch, 1986; Der Maenner-Report, 1991; D. am Sonntag, 1995; Das neue D.-Buch, 1998; D. - Good Vibrations, 2000.