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Deutsch, Ernst#

b. Prague (Czech Republic), Sept. 16, 1890, d. Berlin (Germany), March 22, 1969, actor, Kammerschauspieler. Under the direction of M. Reinhardt in Berlin played roles of expressionist young men; in 1924 began film career; in 1931-1932 performed in Vienna at the Burgtheater and the Theater in der Josefstadt; in 1933 emigrated to the USA, film career in Hollywood. In 1947 returned to Europe, played character roles (including Nathan the Wise, Shylock, Prof. Bernhardi) first at the Renaissancetheater then at the Burgtheater in Vienna. From 1951 member of the Schillertheater in Berlin. In 1948 received Venice Biennale prize for the film "Der Prozess" (by G. W. Pabst).


G. Zivier, E. D. und das dt. Theater, 1964.