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Deutschfeistritz, Styria, market town in the district of Graz-Umgebung, alt. 413 m, pop. 3,745, area 39.21 km2, north of Graz, where the Uebelbach stream flows into the River Mur/Mura. - Education centre, recreational facilities, forestry inspectorate, Stuebing SOS children's village, Peggau-Deutschfeistritz run-of-river power station (built in 1908, 79,500 MWh, well-preserved historical power-station building), Schartnerkogel tunnel of the Pyhrn-Autobahn (motorway); wood manufacturing, machine and steel construction, fruit cultivation. Stuebing Austrian open-air museum (historical farmhouses and houses of craftsmen, farm buildings, chapels, etc. from all over Austria). - Former Roman settlement on the Kugelstein hill, remains of a Roman road, ore mining (particularly in the 18th century); Gothic parish church (first documented in 1297), calvary (1695) with Crucifixion Group (after 1714), Thinnfeld Rococo palace (1761-1764) with frescoes by J. A. Moelk, Waldstein Castle, Stuebing Castle (Tudor Style, built in1863).


S. Thaller, Die Marktgemeinde Deutschfeistritz: eine stadtgeographische Untersuchung, master's thesis, Graz 1989.