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Deutschkreutz, Burgenland, market town in the district of Oberpullendorf, alt. 192 m, pop. 3,327, area 34.10 km2, old market settlement on the plain between the Oedenburger Gebirge hills and the Kreutzer Wald woods near the border to Hungary. - Customs office and customs post. Bottling and selling of mineral water, sawmill, gristmill, wine-growing. - Settlements during the Bronze Age, Hallstatt Culture and Roman Times (Roman villa at Girm), first documented in 1245, church from the 18th century, enlarged 1973/74, mosaic and stained-glass windows by A. Lehmden. Castle (first documented in 1492) of the Nádasdy family, rebuilt in 1625, property of the painter A. Lehmden. Home of the parents of K. Goldmark. Streckhof (type of farmhouse).


A. Putz, Lebens-, Jahres- und Arbeitsbrauchtum in Deutschkreutz, doctoral thesis, Vienna 1970.