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Dichter, Ernest#

Dichter, Ernest, b. Vienna, Aug. 14, 1907, d. Peaksville (USA), Nov. 22, 1991. Psychologist and pioneer in the field of market psychology; studied in Vienna and Paris, in 1938 emigrated to the USA, in 1946 founded the Institute of Motivational Research in New York with branch offices in many countries. D. is considered the father of motivational research.


Strategie im Reich der Wuensche, 1960; Handbook of Consumer Motivations, 1964; Why Not, 1973; The Naked Manager, 1974; Motivforschung. Mein Leben, 1977; Neues Denken bringt neue Maerkte, 1991.


T. Cudlik, E. D., Depth Boy, master´s thesis, Vienna 1999.