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Dietrichstein, Adelsfamilie#

Dietrichstein, noble family originally from Carinthia, with many different lines, became hereditary Cupbearers in Carinthia in 1506, imperial counts in 1631, imperial princes in 1684. The line of princes adopted the name and coat of arms of the Counts Proskau in 1769, those of the Counts Leslie in 1802. The male line of the family died out in 1864, the female line of Mensdorff-Pouilly-D. still exists. Protestant members of the family emigrated to Sweden during the Thirty Years' War and went via Russia in 1917 to settle in France, where the line still exists. Prominent members of the family included: Count Adam Dietrichstein, Count Franz Dietrichstein, Prince Karl Johann Dietrichstein, Prince Moritz Joseph Johann Dietrichstein, Siegmund von Dietrichstein.