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Dietrichstein, Moritz Joseph Johann Fürst#

Dietrichstein, Prince Moritz Joseph Johann, b. Vienna, Feb. 19, 1775, d. Vienna, Aug. 27, 1864. Musician and well-known personality in Viennese cultural life. Son of Karl Johann Prince von Dietrichstein Having served as an officer in his youth, from 1800 D. turned to science after imprisonment in France; 1815 High Court Steward and tutor of the Duke of Reichstadt; 1819-1826 head of Court music and of the Court theatre 1821-1826; 1826-1845 Prefect of the Court Library; 1845-1848 High Treasurer and Intendant of the Hofburgtheater, 1833-1848 head of the Imperial coin and antique collections. D. composed songs, dance music and minuets.


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