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Doblinger, music publishing house in Vienna, founded in 1816 as a pawnbroker´s shop dealing in written music; a musical instruments shop was added in 1840. In 1857 the company was taken over by Ludwig Doblinger (1816-1876); in 1876 taken over by Bernhard Herzmansky Sr. and in 1921 inherited by his son. At first it published only salon and dance music, later, after 1890, also works by I. Bruell, J. N. Fuchs and K. Goldmark as well as operettas; around that time it became the second largest music publishing house in Austria. During the past decades it has shifted its focus mainly to contemporary Austrian music (P. Angerer, H. Eder, M. Rubin, R. Schollum, A. Uhl, and others); the category of "Ancient Music" is covered by the Diletto Musicale series (since 1957). D. has a department specialising in musicology, which has published the complete editions of the works of A. Bruckner and H. Wolf.


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