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Dobretsberger, Josef#

Dobretsberger, Josef, b. Linz (Upper Austria), Feb. 28, 1903, d. Graz (Styria), May 23, 1970. Legal scholar, national economist and politician. As a representative of "Christian solidarity", D. supported reconciliation with the Social Democrats at the time of the corporate state and thus was forced to resign as Minister for Social Affairs (1935-1936). 1938-1946 emigration; professor in Istanbul and Cairo; co-founder and (in 1949) federal representative of the Democratic Union, which united with the Austrian Communist Party and the left-wing Socialists to become the "People's Opposition" in 1953.


Vom Sinn und Werden des neuen Staates, 1934; Kath. Sozialpolitik am Scheideweg, 1947.


D. A. Binder, J. D., 1903-1970, in: H. Ebner, H. Haselsteiner and I. Wiesflecker, Geschichtsforschung in Graz, 1990.