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Dolezal, Erich#

b. Villach (Carinthia), Nov. 22, 1902, d. Vienna, July 17, 1990. Author, astronomer and popular educator. Gave over 1,000 talks on space travel from 1929, founded the people's observatory in Ottakring, Vienna, in 1945, also wrote numerous utopian novels and novellas for young people. Known as the "Karl May (a German author of Western novels) of space".


Ruf der Sterne, 1930; Mond in Flammen, 1954; Alarm aus Atomville, 1956; Neues Land im Weltall, 1958; Festung Sonnensystem, 1960; Raumfahrt - Traumfahrt, 1961; Flucht in die Weltraum-City, 1964.