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Danube Commission (Danubian Commission, Donaukommission), (1) European Danube Commission, established 1856 under the Paris peace treaty; from 1865 permanent organ for the control of supranational navigation; under western European and Austrian control. (2) International Danube Commission, founded 1921, headquarters in Vienna, coexistent with (1); its function was the internationalisation of the Danube as a shipping route. In 1940 both commissions (1) and (2) were abolished. (3) Danube Commission 1948: founded at the Belgrade Danube Conference in 1948 following a Soviet suggestion; Austria joined in 1960; located in Budapest and responsible for the stretch of the River Danube from the Black Sea to Kehlheim in Germany; its functions were laid down in the Danube Convention of August 18, 1948; it operates in agreement with the Inland Transport Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), deals mainly with technical and nautical issues and works out plans for the improvement of navigation on the River Danube.


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