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Blue Danube Waltz (op. 314) by Johann Strauss the Younger, written as a choir waltz for a carnival meeting of the "Wiener Maennergesang-Verein" male choir, sung for the first time in the Dianasaal hall in Vienna on February 15, 1867. The original words by J. Weyl "Wiener seid froh! Oho! Wieso?" (Viennese - be happy! - Happy? But why?) were meant ironically at a time characterised by numerous military defeats; the words were changed to "Donau, so blau ...", which in turn led to the title "An der schoenen blauen Donau" (literally: On The Beautiful Blue Danube), by F. von Gernerth in 1890. It was, however, the instrumental version that became known all over the world; the performances of the Strauss orchestra in Paris on the occasion of the World Exposition played an important part in popularising of the piece; the Blue Danube waltz is considered to be Austria´s unofficial anthem. Waltz